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5 Reasons to Buy a Used Jaguar From a Local Dealership

The name Jaguar is synonymous with the word greatness. For generations, Jaguar vehicles have been some of the most sought-after vehicles by car enthusiasts from all over the world. Every Jaguar model is a picture of perfection and features a wide range of power and performance features. Many people love the Jaguar brand but are apprehensive about buying one due to the high price tag. Luckily, we have a large selection of pre-owned Jaguars that cost a fraction of the price of a new model. If you are not sure whether or not buying a used Jaguar is the right choice for you, here is a list of the best five reasons why you should buy a used Jaguar from a local dealer.


Many people are apprehensive about buying a used Jaguar because they are worried about the quality of used cars. However, when you purchase a used car from us, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality vehicle. Every one of the vehicles that are in our used inventory goes through a rigorous 165-point inspection to ensure that everything is working properly. From the interior components to the engine and other mechanical equipment, our experienced technicians go over each vehicle with a fine-toothed comb to ensure that every aspect of the car is in proper working order.


When you purchase a used car from us, you will never have to wonder about the vehicle’s history. Every one of our used cars comes with a CarProof report that gives detailed information about the car’s history. From how many previous owners it has had to whether or not it has been in an accident, every aspect of your car’s previous life will be given to you in a report so that you never have wonder if your car was mistreated or not properly maintained in the past.


It is no secret that a used car can come with a smaller price tag. However, some new model Jaguars can come with a price that is larger than the price tag that comes with most people’s homes. If you feel that a large price tag would not fit into your budget right now, then you should definitely consider purchasing a used Jaguar. Used Jaguars can cost several thousand dollars less than a new model. And some used Jaguars actually have a lower price tag than other used models that are not exotic supercars.


All new Jaguar models come with an extensive limited warranty that lasts for four years or 80,000 km. There is also usually an additional unlimited warranty on corrosion that lasts for 6 years. All of Jaguar’s warranties are completely transferrable. This means that if someone trades in their new Jaguar and the warranty is still intact when you purchase the vehicle, you get to continue to take advantage of the warranty until it expires.


When you buy a certified pre-owned Jaguar from our dealership, you will also get an additional certified pre-owned warranty which covers a wide range of mechanical components on your car. The pre-owned warranty covers vehicles for 7 years or 160,000 km (whichever comes first).