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CARBON CERAMIC BRAKES available at Jaguar Toronto  Toronto Ontario



The Jaguar Difference

All carbon ceramic brake systems require a bedding-in period to achieve the level of performance for which they are renowned. So at Jaguar we go to exceptional lengths to make sure all of ours are pre-bedded before they are tted.

We work closely with Brembo, global leader in design and production of braking systems, to administer and constantly improve the pre-bedding process of our carbon ceramic brakes. And that’s why you get phenomenal power and feel from the rst touch of the pedal.

Because of the heavy duty braking required to properly bed in such braking systems, it's obviously not recommended to do it on public roads. For this reason, some non-Jaguar retailers choose to take your car to a track. While this process will work, you’ll be without your vehicle for a longer period, while also incurring excess wear on parts such as tyres.

Your safety, time and the performance of your Jaguar are important to us. That's why we do things differently.

The Brembo Difference

Instead of going to a track, Brembo prefer to use a dynamometer for the pre-bedding process. This allows for the control and consistency necessary to generate the ideal surface on both the pads and disc.

A combination of high speed and high temperature while running the brakes in a sequence of events mimics the extreme conditions necessary to properly bed in the system. This ensures world class braking power straight away, something that cannot be achieved with light, normal road usage.

The Difference To You

At Jaguar we don’t believe in shortcuts. Mediocrity is simply not an option. That’s why we go to great lengths to make sure our carbon ceramic brakes perform perfectly from the moment they are tted to your car.

With pre-bedding, not only will you get your F-TYPE back quicker from our service centre – you get the peace of mind of knowing that when you’re ready to go, your brakes are ready to stop.